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Established by young scientists, WONDER LAB® has developed an innovative technology for removing dirt

Starting in 2012 and working on the environmental problem of industrial water purification, we turned to the experience of pharmacists and borrowed from them the principle of action of polysaccharide microgels.

Microgels can enclose foreign substances in the thinnest shell, and after use dissolve without residue and harm. As a result, we came up with a new form of polysaccharides, called BIOMICROGEL®, created a new industrial technology for their production, making them available for industrial purposes, and discovered several new ways of their use.

Andrey Elagin
We have created a product powered by the unique eco-friendly technology. Yet, it is the users who can say what the product should be like!

Involving users in creating products is currently a global trend. It is also the best way to guarantee good commercial results by satisfying urgent needs of the consumer.

WONDER LAB® production, purchase, and improvement is a permanent mass collaboration of scientists and consumers.
And it is aimed not only at cleaning our homes. It is also a collaborative way to clean up our habitat!


these are polysaccharide particles ranging from 50 to 1,000 nanometers with reversible solubility.

In water purification, when adding BIOMICROGEL® to contaminated water, the particles instantly encapsulate the smallest drops of oil/fat/petroleum products, attaching them to each other and thus forming a jelly-like mass that can be separated from the water. and after extraction - re-dissolved and returned to the process cycle. 

In addition, special modifications of BIOMICROGEL® effectively capture metal ions (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mg, Ca, Co, Ni, Pb, Al, etc.). 

Same principle applies when using BIOMICROGEL® for oil spill responses: reagents are applied in liquid form (sprayed) on the oil plume, and the oil gets jellified. This “jelly” can be easily collected from the water surface and after extraction, oil can be separated with partial regeneration of the microgels as well.

Biomicrogels in action:
For cleaning
For dish washing
For washing
As part of WONDER LAB®, these polysaccharides:

    • act as an antiresorption agent, preventing re-deposition of separated contaminants onto the surface to be cleaned;
    • act as a complexing compound, reducing water hardness, thus increasing the effectiveness of natural surfactants;
    • allow reducing the concentration (from 30 to 60%) of or completely excluding the harmful components as follows: synthetic anionic surfactant (SLS, SLES), phosphates, phosphonates, components containing active chlorine, and others, without losing in cleaning quality.

are used as raw materials for BIOMICROGEL® production. They all are natural polysaccharides.

Cellulose is derived from wood, starch - from corn, and pectin - from pomace, sugar-beet pulp. These are completely environmentally and human-friendly, and some are even edible, so they are used in production of fruit jelly and ice cream. We have developed a brand-new industrial technology for the production of biologically neutral detergents.

Thanks to this development, all our products are recycled in nature, leaving no trace, and can be completely rinsed off with water. They are friendly to humans, pets, and bacterial cultures in autonomous villa sewers.

In our laboratory, we ran dozens of tests before getting the final BIOMICROGEL® formula, and now we know for a fact that we have managed to create breakthrough effective detergents - a balanced solution that protects your health and health of your loved ones.

In-house production

cutting-edge production sites
1500 tons
total capacity per month

A pilot site and batch production facilities are  based in Yekaterinburg. All phases of the production process are partially or fully automated. The production sites are equipped with up-to-date quality control laboratories.

And, last but not least, we have an in-house R&D center!   

Test room

Testing room is a kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet and lab. It seems like home. There are 74 different surfaces to help you cope with your daily chores.



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